Uncle Eddies Enduro

We have a fantastic not for profit Sports and physical exercise Club we run on Suggested Donations for membership or family membership it’s £10 suggested donation for the year, Kids on Kids track Suggested donation is £15 Youths suggested donation £20 Adults suggested donation £30 for the day we are adding to our activities every day we give Out these donations to support the community and the place. We are always looking for volunteers We are now offering places to Doncaster’s health team and the autistic schools free of any charge, lots of kids come with their grand parents they see the light of the lord ride their bikes and meet other kids. We help lots of people manage stress with Gods help. We give lots back God is on our side give your kids a life, support us and I will support you We are making this a fantastic place to bring the family Uncle Eddies Enduro Carcroft Common Doncaster.