Eddie Todd’s and Mags Todd’s Religious Community sports Club

I have a fantastic Club I run on Suggested Donation for membership or family it’s £10 for the year Kids on Kids track Suggested donation is £15 Youths suggested donation £20 Adults suggested donation £30 for the day we are adding to our activities every day we give Out these donations to support the place all donations are given to me to run the show I am always looking for volunteers I am now offering places to Doncaster’s mental health team and the autistic schools I’m hopping to help lots of people manage stress. I give lots back God is on my side give your kids a life, support me and I will support you I am making this a fantastic place to bring the family Uncle Eddies DN67BD Carcroft Common Doncaster.
Benidorm Spain My best friend is loosing a lifetime of work due to the virus the hotel staff are hungry no money coming in they may never recover from this terrible situation. Cape Point The Gambia The people who I support are starving no work no money no support I’m doing my best to keep my charity kitchens going. My big problem here in Doncaster is the council and the failure to get support they have hindered me for 10 years for personal gain. I hope the people who work with Doncaster council are pleased with what they have done to me God sees everything you will be rewarded for your sins.