Uncle Eddies Charity Community Motorbike Park

Eddie Todd and Mags Todd own Uncle Eddies open park your membership contract is with Eddie Todd, Eddie Todd is a not for profit religious community. The motocross track is around two miles long with lots of fantastic features it’s well maintained but if you see anything wrong please report it in the club office and have riding stopped. The Endurocross runs through the woods with two play areas we have a fantastic kids track and open space riding area We hope you all like Mrs M E Todd’s new fencing and gates and the new rehabilitation centre where kids learn new skills Volunteers/Instructor teachers required. Uncle Eddie has just built a new chapel and Mosque a camping area which is sterile from our main parking area. My next project is a community swimming pool using my own invention a micro Bubble ozone gas generator the water will be chlorine free and gently on your eyes and skin this will benefit poor people in the community with eye and skin problems. Uncle Eddie works every day providing for my members. Membership or family Membership is £10 suggested Donation Kids on Kids track £15 suggested donation youths up to 18 £20 suggested donation Adults £30 suggested donation. All donations are Used to better the life’s of the people and communities I come in contact with, all donations will be reported to HMRC as donations. I need help to register as a charity please if you can help contact me on 07475047774

Our site is Uncle Eddies Motorcycle Park Carcroft Common Doncaster YouTube and Facebook Eddie Todd


The Club Uses our Nature Reserve trail This is open for walkers only who enter by the gate on our site.

Call Now 0044 7475047774 or 07779664046

This is an open park we do not have Marshall’s or staff but we do have a fantastic team of volunteers  including flag volunteers please if no ones about ride with care if we water the track it will be slippy please ride with care this is not a race track or a race practice track it is an open park if you can’t see in front of you slow down ride with care it is dangerous going over a blind hill you risk injury. We build and improve the facility Every day and We donate to many people Both here and in Africa. Please only nice people come here it’s a big happy family atmosphere the Kids and wife’s love it. Dogs too our club now has 6000 members and counting. Donations have always been paid to Uncle Eddie who runs the show and betters the life’s of all within the community. 
Great news Doncaster Council and the environment agency are now giving me their full support.

In God we trust our community amateur sports  club is making a massive difference to kids from all areas this includes big kids too.

2016 big changes Motocross and Endurocross Green Lane section
My dad a great man I loved him so much he gave me guidance and made me what I am
God is on our side
Endurocross and Motocross a fantastic park with a fantastic family atmosphere
The track changes every month