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Uncle Eddies Enduro (ltd) Club And Motocross

These are the Terms & Conditions by and subject to which Uncle Eddies servants or agents agree to provide This facility for the members to participate in off Road Driving. The Rider/ Driver or Guardian accepts that riding a motorcycle or off Road Vehicle and participating in the Ride/Drive, here at Uncle Eddies is inherently dangerous and that it is consequently very difficult to insure against risk of injury or other damages and the Driver/Rider should seek if required his her own insurance. The Rider/ driver helper therefore vigorously agrees warrants, undertakes and accepts that in participating in Riding/Driving or activities at Uncle Eddies that they are accepting full responsibility for their Safety including under age riders/drivers in their care. (a) The Rider/Driver visitor is voluntarily exposing themselves and others to danger of injury and will assume all and any risk of damage or loss or personal injury whether to their person or other person’s property or otherwise howsoever it happens. (b)Be solely responsible for the manner in which he she rides/Drives acts and is obliged to follow rules signs and marshal instructions. (c) You are under obligation at all times to ride drive act with reasonable care and skill in relation to yourself himself herself and others. (d) Be responsible for ensuring that he she all wear appropriate protective clothing that is reasonably fit for its intended purpose (e) Under obligation to and will take all steps reasonably required to ensure that nothing he she they do, or fail to do will not adversely affect the health and safety of Uncle Eddies volunteers or other participant,visitor, person or property or any third party at the site. (f) He or She is solely responsible for any injury, damage or loss that he she they causes to others or themselves.

2. The Rider/Driver or Guardian accepts that in requesting which rider/Driver group he she or they would like to be in, he she they makes representation as to his her their ability to ride/Drive in that group, and accepts responsibility for any loss or damage arising from them being in the wrong rider/Driver group. By way of further assurance to (U Es), the Rider hereby and vigorously warrants and declares that (a) He she they are fit & healthy and that he she they know of no reason medical or otherwise, why he/she or a junior in care may not ride/drive be on site or which might otherwise influence the decision of any person At Uncle Eddies to allow him/her to ride/drive or visit. (b)Wear a Helmet and should wear protective glasses adequate for the purposes of the Ride/drive (c) Riders will not participate in riding/driving whilst using, under the influence of or suffering withdrawal from the consequences of alcohol, drugs or medication.

3. The Rider/Driver understands accepts and agrees that Abusive attitude towards Marshals or Volunteers will not be Permitted. (a) (U Es) is a club and not a training organisation and does not represent itself as such and that only safety guidance will be given. (b) Whilst (U Es) May it is not obliged to give guidance on the standards of riding required for an area this may be given. (c) Drivers/Riders Visitors will be given guidance on all safety matters these will be enforced by Uncle Eddies members and volunteers.

4. The Rider member helper further agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold (U Es) harmless against any claims, for damages costs, expenses & losses arising out of any claim made during participation or other involvement in Riding/Driving or his her their visit to the site.

5. (U Es) reserve the right to withdraw its services, without refund and will be under no further obligation to provide the Ride/Drive facility or other any service or facility if the rider person is judged by (U Es) or its members as acting irresponsibly, unreasonably or in a manner likely to endanger themselves or others or for braking rules displayed or given.

This is an open private members Motor Park the nature of the activity is inherently dangerous persons here at Uncle Eddies Ltd are not covered by our insurance for any damage loss or personal injury however such may happen. All PERSONS ARE ADVISED TO WEAR PROTECTIVE BODY WEAR AND TO TAKE OUT MEDICAL CARE INSURANCE

No Riding fast in the Car park first gear only No riding in Spectator Areas

All persons must follow Instructions and Signs

No Members of the Public allowed on site all persons must be Club Members join on the day for a donation 

Only Same Size Bikes allowed on the track at the same time (Unless Instructing) No mixed riding

Kids Only on Kids Track

I have read and understand the Terms and conditions of Uncle Eddies Enduro (Ltd) Club all fees paid are used to run our club, pay expenses and donate to our charity work. 

I agree that I my family or representative shall not seek to claim against Uncle Eddies Enduro (Ltd) Club or Uncle Eddies Ltd the organisers nor their officials, the land owner the promoter or other bodies or individuals connected with any use of this site or event in respect of any damage to myself or my property howsoever caused, and whether by the negligence or breach of statutory duty of the said bodies or persons on site.

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