My Charity Work All self funding

Uncle Eddie is a not for profit person.
Charity and religious achievements
From February 2011 Eddie and Mags Todd have dedicated our lives to helping stop anti social behaviour by reducing the amount of people riding motorcycles in parks and on private land. On 30th March 2011 we opened Uncle Eddies we put our life’s savings into the park Doncaster Council started this project but where not capable of making it a sustainable project they where miss guided and spent all the Grant funding and then abandoned the site, They couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery, They cond me and my wife into renting land they never owned they lied about the site having planning permission they forged documents they made our lives a misery they got My accountant to accidentally not file a tax return for me for 9 years which is great because I can back date the VAT and charity claim. I have worked my guts out for 9 years building this place up my club to better the community the club has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life non of this would have been possible without me. My amateur sports club Is the best in the country I now have 6000 members.
I have been restricted and hindered along the way 
I have a Chapel and Mosque praying facility at Uncle Eddies where we follow the Church of England  Muslim doctoring and all other religions our joint praying facility is available for members and the public. I was so upset to see lots of poor lorry drivers During this virus period parking on side roads without any facilities no toilets showers or food so I have decided to utilise my car park and my facilities to create a fantastic temporary community lorry park for members to enjoy I have opened my park 24/7 The council have been down to help me get it right. God is on our side now.                  Donated to the flood victims and to the community in The Gambia I have set up two charity kitchens with the help and sponsorship of Flamingo beach resort Benidorm God bless you the kitchens are doing well and are self sustainable. The NHS masks and sanitiser to Doctors and The Asda supermarket Carcroft

Helped Doncaster Council Durring the lockdown period By traffic management measures had to replace all our fencing and built a state of the art Community vehicle wash facility run by donation and volunteers. 
Eddie Todd has made all this possible with members donations and kind help from many local people and companies.
The Counsil have donated nothing they are as I see it criminals only doing things for personal gain. Friends of the Earth have donated eco friendly soap to wash vehicles and protect the environment. We have started a river and stream clean up program I have introduced fish planted wild flowers and controlled invasive plants the river bank is open to the community it is very therapeutic and helps many people chill out and manage stress in the autumn we start work with the Environment Agency to try to stop the flooding ever happening again.  News I have just opened my free community laundry poor people in our community have no clothes washing machines so I’m providing them for use at Uncle Eddies a small donation is welcome from people who can afford put your washing in and sit in my chapel chill out and read the book God will help you to cope with stress. The Mosque is dedicated to a dear friend who passed into paradise Mohammed  
Khalid Hussain Kal to his friends 

You can’t imagine the amount of fun you can have helping people this is Sara I buy all my chills from her at Serrakunda market.
Gods work is endless
We feed around 400 people in hard times
Supporting the flood victims I donated 2 ton of pop and delivered it around remote areas
You members make my dreams come true I hope Uncle Eddies will go on for ever to help people
feeding many
£22 a bag