The virus period

The Virus period. I we closed for eight weeks during lockdown it gave me chance to do all the remediation work and totally tidy the place up I put all the soil back on the tracks made a new kids track made a new Endurocross section extended the car park opened up our riverside nature reserve walkway fixed all the fencing.

Uncle Eddies Club Motorcycle park DN67BD Carcroft Common Doncaster opens 6 days a week not Monday’s open bank holiday 

The prime minister has made it very clear that we can open if we follow the rules.

This is a sports club park facility operated by Us where people can exercise. 

On arrival at our Carcroft park follow your directions for Uncle Eddies motorcycle park DN67BD don’t get in the line for the HWRC dumpit site turn left directly into the shared road and pass any standing traffic.

Enter the car park get in a coned lane have the right suggested donation in cash day members please donate a little in the box Suggested donation is £10 membership or family membership. Suggested donation £15 for kids, Autos only allowed on kids track not on Youths suggested donation £20 youths suggested donation £30 adults you give your donations In the Office / Store and you must now have a face mask on inside

Here are the rules we must follow to open.

Eddie Todd’s Community Amateur Sports Club Park rules

• All attendees must follow social distancing of 2 metres apart inside the park.

• All attendees must park 2 metres apart which exceeds the recommendations in car parks.

• All high-risk persons, as determined by health department, are asked not to attend.

• Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms are not allowed to attend.

We will take all visitors temperature and spray your hands with antiseptic and anti bacteria spray.

• All helpers and volunteers must follow all social distancing suggestions at all times only one person at one time will be in the kitchen or office.

• The park will be an open stay fit park only no racing race practice or congregating will be allowed.

• Toilets will be open and available to 1 person at a time including hand washIng sinks. Toilets will be sanitized and disinfected periodically to maintain cleanliness.

• Sanitiser will be sprayed on every participants hands on arrival all fixtures and fixtures have been Sanitised make sure you have a mask on in the office store or takeaway bar.

• Eddie Todd will sort out any problems and help everyone 

• All food will be takeaway collection and ordering will be one at a time from the window.

No food must be ordered for delivery from outside

• Congregating will not be allowed the law is six people maximum you could be fined so don’t arrange to meet people here.

• This is a private club park open to members only all rules and regulations pertaining to operating and being on this facility remain in force.

We will strictly enforce our government rules Do not get closer than 2 metres to anyone when and after you come into the park have a face mask on indoors do not meet up with people here max six people in a group.
Soon we will be open 24/7 to support our long distance members. 

Together we will beat this virus uncle Eddie