Uncle Eddies River bank nature Reserve

The Old Ea Beck river runs through our park from the South to North the East side of the river bank is a made up flood bank and it has been maintained and put to grass for sheep to graze the West side Is a natural bank and it is not part of the flood plain or flood defence. We have cut back and tried to restrict the spread of invasive species of none native infestations. Over the past years Roland Eddie Todd Margaret Elizabeth Todd have maintained the river bank and the nature trail now members can use it We have been feeding birds planting trees, moving bushes and fawner to create our nature Reserve walk way.

The nature reserve hosts a range of events and activities including , wild bird feeding lookout for our one legged Crow Magpies and Wagtails, wildflower exploring, bird and rabbit watching as well as a variety of guided walks to show our beautiful trees and plant life, listen to the dawn and evening chorus, and to watch out for bats.
We’ve been cultivating along the fence line and along the nature walkway, we are putting in raised beds for wildflowers, veggies and fruit in our new growing area The beds are all built out of recyclable waste We think the only thing we will have to buy are the nails and screws. In the future, the reserve would like to carry out more documentation of the various species that live there, especially birds. Remember this is all free and has been provided by the hard work of Eddie and Mags Todd