Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Diet

Uncle Eddies help with Snoring

If you have high blood pressure, does your heart feel strange, do you feel depressed, have you become diabetic, do you feel tiered in the day, have you gone off sex, Do you snore and hold your breath in your sleep if so your blood gasses could be effected by sleep apnoea. Your brain sells can shrink  this can make you stressed, forgetful and very seriously mentally ill. You can get aches and pains back ache hip pain your legs can swell you can lose your eyesight most of these conditions you can recover from by stopping smoking, stop drinking alcohol go on a diet join the gym


and then ask your doctor about CPAP all this information is from the internet. Ask Uncle Eddie about his anti inflammatory diet to suit you.

We can donate help and support all advice and information is taken from the internet you must see your doctors for treatment and diagnosis

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