Club Temporary Lorry Parking Doncaster North

Uncle Eddies Community Amateur Sports Club and Eddie Todd religious Community

During the virus period Our members park Up overnight to do a bit of fishing on our riverside nature reserve, have a go at air gun shooting in our indoor range, play darts or pool then have a free evening meal prepared by our Michelin grill chef and get a continental breakfast Provided clean toilets and showers very safe and secure. Members are coming from all over the country. Suggested Day/Night membership donation is £30 Carcroft Doncaster off A1 at Skellow or off A19 at Toll Bar DN6 7BD Bentley Moor Lane Carcroft Common Doncaster call 07475047774 for directions.

We have a fantastic park with around 6000 members it’s very secure fully fenced and patrolled If your into fishing you can fish our river plenty to do or rest in our peaceful park. The Chapel and Mosque are Open 24/7 for meditation and spiritual guidance, we are just off the A1 At Skellow or the A19 at Carcroft Common DN67BD On Bentley Moor Lane top of the hill turn in pay your suggested donation by cash card bank transfer or Snap we have beds available and sleeping bags for sale at cost. All donations go the better the road haulage community and our club we strive to better the lives of drivers both in physical and spiritual Health Open every Eve 16.00 until 09.00 We are supported by Doncaster Council the Environment Agency and Doncaster public. We are doing our best to help our government fight this virus.
Call Eddie 07475047774 or 07779664046 Facebook Lorry Parking