I walk proud

Every where I go people respect me I walk proudly knowing that I’m respected My charity work is a 1000 times harder because of nasty people you know who you are. My dad told me when I was a boy Eddie always try to help people always do your best never give up look for the good in everybody and everything he used to say be like that little train going up the hill, the train said to itself I think I can I think I can then half way up the hill he was saying I know I can I know I can get up the hill.
I have worked 7 days a week all my life all the money I have made has gone on helping people and bettering the life’s of all I come into contact with. Uncle Eddies Has given me a fantastic opportunity to help thousands of people in the community my community amateur sports club gives me donations these donations go back in to better the community and the club.
I was promised help from Doncaster council when I agreed to do all the Environmental work to this closed landfill site but officers at DMBC lied to me they where only interested in personal gain. These officers have hindered my charity work for 9 years they have spent many thousands of Pounds of public money on Top solicitors Kennedy’s Sheffield trying to get me off this site to sell or rent it to money grabbing companies. Doncaster Council have never owned this site they only tipped on it and abandoned it to poison the river. I’m sick of being frightened by these criminals and I’m sick of all the solicitors planning advisors accountants and banks in the Doncaster area insider dealing. All you people should be ashamed of yourselves I have prayed to the lord that you all suffer in some way for what you have done to me and my family. I’m working for the Queen looking after her land and doing my best for the community if you people at HMRC read this please would you help me.