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Uncle Eddies special Diets available to you

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Special Anti inflammatory Diets available to all including Motocross riders for stamina

The Gambia we buy 50kg bags of rice and give them to the poor, we show people how to cook, we run two soup kitchens. We try to go three times each year and we send donations via WesternUnion.

Do you Snore? We have started working on Sleep Apnoea awareness. If you snore the first thing to do is stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol

go on a diet

get the Uncle Eddies anti inflammatory diet to suit you and start gentle exercise. Go and see your doctor tell them how you feel tell them that you snore. If you hold your breath when sleeping tell the doctor. There is lots of help waiting for you but you must start the ball rolling with your doctors. If you need any info we will get it from the internet for you and give our Uncle Eddies diet.


Autistic and wayward Kids

Uncle Eddies have set up a day scheme to give autistic and wayward kids an insensitive to attend Main Stream schools working with Doncaster council and other providers. We have found that medication alone or a special school is not the total solution. You are what you eat and drink Uncle Eddies special anti inflammatory diet together with an exercise program suitable to the individual is the key to a good lifestyle.

We are a not for profit Club donations welcome

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