Ambulance Doncaster 01302 729999 First Aid

Ambulance Doncaster 01302 729999 on call to and from any medical facility.

We started in May 2015 we realised the NHS needed help in our area the ambulance service was rushed off its feet with medical emergency response. We aquiered our first ambulance and started our support program.

If you have an appointment for treatment or examination we can pick you up and return you home without a long waiting time supporting the NHS.

We can take you to any facility in the UK or Europe.

We can even collect you and your family if anyone is sick or injured in Spain France or any holiday resort.

We at Ambulance Doncaster 01302 729999 have Ambulance busses with 8 seats a stretcher, wheelchair and 3 bunk beds.

Our fully airconditioned Ambulance Bus is ready to collect you and your family just call Ambulance Doncaster 01302 729999

This is how it works you join our club for £3 a month this donation supports all our efforts, then if you use our services you make a donation at the time of using the service.

If you have Holliday or private health care insurance just ask them to make the donation for you.

If you feel that the NHS should pay for your transport just ask them to make a donation to us.

Our service will grow fast now that the Ambulance service have admitted they cannot deliver the mandated service.

We are not a health care provider we only provide Ambulance transport and first aid.

Dont just sit there waiting for an Ambulance to take you or return you from your appointment or treatment Call Ambulance Doncaster 01302 729999 or 07779 664046.

We intend to place Ambulances all over the UK and at Holiday destinations.

Our Ambulances will be used to provide first aid and transport to medical facilities where the established Ambulance service is failing or is non existent to help the NHS.

In The Gambia we where unable to develop our motocross park because they have a poor first aid and Ambulance service.

Soon our service will be available 24/7 for you and the local population in the Uk.

We have started our self help and development projects, these projects show people how to cook food, basic hygiene common sense and to maximise the use of facilities to hand.

We have started providing food preparation equipment like blenders, grinders and methane gas cookers.

We have supplied tents, rice and noodles we run market trips in The Gambia with tourists who buy food for our humanitarian mission it’s a great tour.

I have invented and designed a shower system to eradicate head lice, body lice and scabies.

In Africa and other countries where the population have been forced to live in very poor conditions this will make a massive difference to the health and wellbeing of the people. Here in the UK we have a massive problem with head lice in children at school my system will be introduced here too so call Ambulance Doncaster 01302 729999 for help.

Soon our charity will be established if you feel as I do, please come and help, we need volunteers to drive, to give basic and emergency first aid, to help here and abroad.

All our donations will be spent on our aims NOTHING WILL BE SPENT ON FLASH OFFICES OR OFFICIALS and it’s the UK first who will receive our support.

My mom and dad had to wait 5 to 6 hours at times for Ambulance transport to and from hospital appointments.

A boy almost died at our motorcycle park because no Ambulance was dispatched.


UNCLE EDDIES AMBULANCE  Ambulance Doncaster 01302 729999



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